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70:20:10 Action Plan

702010 Action Plan

We asked more than 100 Learning professionals at a #Why702010 event for practical ideas to support managers, staff and even themselves in a bid for 100% performance. We collated their answers to produce this list of handy hints, which we hope will inspire you to put 70:20:10 into practice.

70+20+10=100: The Evidence Behind the Numbers

Research on more than 2,000 potential workers reveals the gulf between learner aspirations and the experience of learning in the workplace. Read our latest report in conjunction with Towards Maturity and Charles Jennings.

Towards Maturity Industry Benchmark 2015/16: Embracing Change

This report from Towards Maturity looks at how learning and business leaders can embrace change in order to improve performance on all accounts. Providing tangible evidence for business and learning leaders alike, the report explores the factors that set top performing learning organisations apart.

UK Learning Trends Index 2015

The latest Learning Trends survey by our friends GoodPractice taps into the most critical issues for UK L&D. The key thing about Learning Trends is that that the data gathered comes straight from the horse’s mouth. These are L&D’s own self-reported opinions about how it views its performance.

UK Learning Trends Index 2014

The UK Learning Trends Index gathers feedback and opinion from the UK’s senior Learning and Development (L&D) community about the key issues and challenges they are facing. Download the seventh report in the series to read more.

CIPD: People development underpins productivity

Effective people management and development is essential in supporting productivity, effective skills utilisation, innovation and growth says Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD.

Senior managers in denial about trust, warns CIPD

One in three employees rate trust in senior managers as weak, but those at the top have a rosier view.

CEOs say that lack of skills is harming business

A lack of skills is hampering the growth of UK business, according to research with CEOs

Organisations are not making the most of eLearning, says CIPD

UK businesses are yet to realise the full potential of modern technology to develop their workforce, according to the CIPD’s annual L&D report. The 2013 survey reveals that organisations are not making the most of eLearning.

Collaborative learning & knowledge sharing are critical to innovation, says CIPD

Collaborative forms of learning and systematic approaches to knowledge sharing are the keys to innovation and ultimately organisational success, according to a report published at HRD.

CMI concerned about lack of leadership development

Leadership development has dropped as a priority for CEO’s, according to research. The results are worrying the Chartered Management Institute, which says that improving management & leadership is proven to boost business success

Towards Maturity Benchmark 2012/13

Using learning technologies enables organisations to roll out new products, services and IT systems more than 20% faster, with a whole host of other knock on benefits which can boost your business bottom line. Make sure your organsation isn’t missing key learning opportunities identified by Towards Maturity in its latest benchmark report.

UK Learning Trends Index 2012

The adoption of mobile and social learning in UK organisations is falling behind expectations, according to the latest research. The research also shows that improving employee engagement has become the number one driver for L&D departments. While leadership development remains the most critical task on the learning professional’s agenda.

Shortage of skilled managers a major issue for UK, according to research

ILM research reveals 9 out of 10 firms think a lack of leadership and management skills is harming their business.

Learning Habits of Leaders and Managers

A preference for informal or social learning amongst leaders has been revealed as part of the GoodPractice study on leadership development. Their research aims to highlight the key challenges faced by most managers in UK organisations today.

Reinventing Leadership Development

Reinventing Leadership report

Perhaps surprisingly, ‘the classroom’ did not feature in the top three learning delivery methods preferred by all levels of executives, according to independent research. Instead, leaders and managers would rather use a multi-media mix of eLearning, video, virtual learning environments, mobile learning and social media, the research revealed.

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