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Clear Lessons – The Leadership Series

What is Clear Lessons?

Clear Lessons videos

A bank of more than 400 compelling 2-5 minute video lessons from successful leaders telling real stories to inspire, motivate and help change behaviour across the spectrum of business life.

Why stories? Stories have power, are relatable and memorable, and above all, they stay with us and make a difference.

Why use Clear Lessons videos?

• Research proves that video improves learning outcomes
• Your managers need quick, bitesize pieces of content that can be used at their desks
• You need rich content that can be easily delivered to managers and integrated into people development programmes
• You require resources to enhance individual and team development to positively impact business performance
• Managers want something different, lessons that are easy to retain

How can the videos be used?

• Complement and enhance your existing development programmes
• Pre and post classroom for a blended solution
• Desktop, smartphone, and tablet for self-motivated learners
• To communicate messages through company newsletters, in meetings or via your intranet


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