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ILM Digital Learning Library

ILMThe suite of 67 videos from ILM provides instant answers to fundamental leadership and management challenges. Using animated graphics with engaging voiceovers, each lesson provides insight, techniques and tools to deal with each challenge successfully. Each video is 3-5 minutes long and is supported by follow-up reading and action plans to truly embed learning into the workplace.

Why use the ILM leadership videos?ILM-info

• Enhance the learner experience and improve behaviours
• Provide flexible learning available on the go for self-motivated learners
• Research shows that videos increase the ‘stickiness’ of learning

How can the videos be used?

• Pre and post classroom as part of a blended approach
• On a variety or devices including desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet
• As a communication tool – during meetings, on your intranet or in company newsletters
• Complement and enhance your existing development programmes


Manage personal performance Managing my time
Approaches to learning Fulfil a PDP
Maintain effective working relationships with colleagues Develop working relationships with colleagues
Following up meetings Communicate work related information
Engaging and supporting team members Managing the whole teams performance
Dealing with problems and risk What a good leader does
Building a team Managing teams
Understand how change affects a team Motivating your team
Equal opportunity legislation Vision mission and strategy
Undertaking a SWOT analysis Business plans
Business reporting Accountability authority and responsibility
Identifying personal and professional development requirements Manage personal and professional development
Maintain the relevance of a personal and professional development plan Organisational aspects of equality diversity and inclusion
Understand the personal aspects of equality diversity and inclusion in the workplace Be able to support equality diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Benchmarking Undertaking a team audit
Manage communications within a team Managing underperformance in a team member
Delegating Performance appraisals
Supporting learning and development Prepare to lead meetings
Chair and lead meetings Making decisions
Adapting your leadership style Understand roles functions and processes of management
Understand performance measurement Be able to identify opportunities for innovation
Generating and testing ideas Making innovation work
Conflict management Reducing potential for conflict within a team
Dealing with conflict in a team What is procurement
The supply chain Buying products and services
Understand the principles of change management Planning to implement change
Implementing change Evaluating change
Business continuity planning Collaborating with other departments
Interdepartmental collaborations Service level agreements
Be able to assess the support needed by virtual or remote teams Supporting remote or virtual teams
Project management Understand the principles of workforce management
Monitoring diversity Understand team building and dynamics
Understand performance management Understand training and development
Understand reward and recognition

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